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Mobile Wallet

Shwe Bill is an easy, fast, and secure mobile wallet.Telecom top up, bill payment, gift card, and bus ticket can be purchased via Shwe Bill mobile app.

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Mobile Topup

Topup Mobile credits from Shwe Bill ...

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Bill Payment

Allow customers to make the Bill Payment ...

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Gift Card

Use Shwe Bill Gift Card for shopping ...

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Balance Transfer

Customers can transfer balance from here ...

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About Us

1. Sign up for Free

Shwe Bill allow new users to signp-up free and give
new member bonus points.

2. Account Verification

After sign-up in, Shwe Bill check the newly member with
OTP procedure.

3. Link with bank account card

Shwe Bill will allow to link wtih user banks card and
topup the point in the future.

4. Checkout Shwe Bill

Shwe Bill allow customer to keep their points transaction
and bill payments in the application

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09404888828, 09404888848

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Experience Mobile Wallet with
Shwe Bill Pay

Experience Mobile Wallet with Shwe Bill Pay

Shwe Bill Pay Merchant